s2-11 - Lie To Me

June 2, 2011

Season Two is drawing to a close, which may make you sad. Thankfully we have the incredibly attractive Lainy Scott in the studio to make us happy!

Within minutes of her arrival, we were alluding to penises. This is the effect she has on us... :)


s2-10 - Genie-us

May 16, 2011

WGNI returns (from an unplanned hiatus) with a bang, as Tyler Fayose brings his own special brand of magic, and his dusty lamp, and his painted boobs, and his scary accents to the WGNI studio. You might have been waiting a long time - but BY ALL THAT IS WARM AND FLUFFY - it was worth it!


s2-09 - Playing Ketchup

April 1, 2011

We have all had dealings with prostitutes, so we got star of children's tv Hi5, Luke Roberts to tell us about them. I think you'll be surprised with his knowledge and experience.

Whatever you do in life, think "What Would Luke Roberts Do?"


s2-08 - Milk & More

February 17, 2011

We knew we needed something. We knew we needed liquid. White liquid. Squeezed from a cow's udder.  We knew this.

But something was missing... It wasn't enough... We felt a gaping hole inside our souls...

Kylie Butler filled our hole.


s2-07 - Ben’s Dangerous Area

February 7, 2011

The WGNI studio is filled with fun, after the arrival of star of Children's Television and Shotgun Impro - Jonny Freeman.

Jonny was hirsute, Nick was adroit, Ben was dangerous....


s2-06 - Idiots Behaving Badly

January 18, 2011

Just when you thought that Ben & Nick were the most famous people you'd ever heard on the internet - something ridiculous happens...

Live from backstage at the Derby Assembly Rooms, Ben & Nick are joined by star of stage, screen, and pantomime: Neil Morrissey!

If you thought that hearing Ben & Nick talk to people you never heard of was good - you'll probably think the same this time.


s2-05 - Christmas Boobs

January 15, 2011

In a first for WGNI, Ben and Nick are joined not by one slamming hottie - but TWO!

Friends and comedy partners Fi & Vi jet in from the USA to join friends and comedy partners Ben & Nick who have jetted in from Essex.

It's Christmas time, and who wouldn't want Fi & Vi under their Christmas Tree..? Meanwhile, Ben and Nick try on Christmas stockings...

[Originally broadcast 23/12/2010]


s2-04 - The Hard Skin of our Teeth

January 15, 2011

Dave Jackson-Mayo sweeps aside all stereotypes that people with double barrelled names are not funny. He also sweeps streets to make ends meet, but he has has yet to be successful, as his ends flop around quite amusingly.

Your ears have never had it this good...

[Originally broadcast 13/12/2010]



s2-03 - Heroes & Villains

January 15, 2011

Live from the New Players Theatre, in Charing Cross' "New Players Theatre"; Ben and Nick sit outside the girls toilets for twenty minutes.

Luckily, the megastar sex-bomb living-legend that is Rosalind Blessed sits between them, and mops-up their drool.

She may well be the most awesome person we know.

[Originally braodcast 16/11/2010]



s2-02 - The Walk of Shame

January 15, 2011

The average level of attractiveness in the WGNI studio sharply rises for 20 minutes, with the arrival of the one and only Louise Henry.

From humble beginnings on Cromer Pier, she's scaled the showbiz world to be only the second person to force themselves into the tight space between Ben and Nick.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, Louise did both.

[Originally broadcast 01/11/2010]





s2-01 - The Flood of Tears

January 15, 2011

In an historic move, series two begins with a new person in the WGNI studio.

Ben and Nick share bodily warmth with the living legend that is Adam Jenkins.

Adam regrets knowing us.

[Originally broadcast 22/10/2010]



s1-12 - The End (or is it?)

January 12, 2011

Ben and Nick approach the end of everything with despair and terror. Then, something happens that makes it all better.


Or does it??