s3-11 - The Drunkcast

August 2, 2012

We've talked about it, and now it happened.

We were drunk. We're sorry.


s3-10 - Shattered Bonds

May 22, 2012

When looking for an hot girl to return to the cosy space between Ben & Nick, who better than Lainy Scott?!

She's funny, attractive, good to chat to, and likes football. In many ways she's the perfect woman.

We quite like her.


s3-09 - MiddleSex

April 30, 2012

Having finally escaped from his restraining device on the end of the phone line, Adam Jenkins rushes to join his old comrades-in-alms Ben & Nick.

The first ever RETURNING studio-guest returns and is funny. Then we started recording him and it all went right.


s3-08 - Cereal Killers

March 28, 2012

When two boys in the prime of their life are left alone, with the whole of London at their doorstep, a world of possibilities just moments away - what do you expect will happen? Drunken debauchery? Drug-fuelled histeria? Catatonic guilt-free sex with multiple partners?

No, they discuss their favourite breakfast cereal.



s3-07 - Voice Males

March 4, 2012

Is there a more heavenly, ethereal sound than two idiots talking? Of course there is.

However, returning to their roots (with a bottle of hair dye) Ben & Nick sit down in front of a microphone: Scriptless Guestless Witless


s3-06 - Through the Mangle

January 19, 2012

Some said it would never happen. Some said it could never happen. But around ELEVEN YEARS after their groundbreaking show "A Musical Showcase", the team behind the original "Be Manic Productions" are reunited to the delight of their millions of fans.

Oh, and Ben, Mandi and Nick recorded a podcast as well.


s3-05 - The Poisoned Challis

January 4, 2012


No, we haven't gone (more) mental. But we have been joined by legendary actor John Challis, from such shows as "Only Fools & Horses" and "The Green Green Grass".

Not only that, we're in Weston-super-Mare. It literally (and figuratively) doesn't get any better than this...


s3-04 - The Buttocksfly Effect

December 1, 2011

Just like the well known "Butterfly Effect", if you listen to this podcast, chaos will happen.


s3-03 - Chaos in Cromer

October 30, 2011

Just when you thought that seaside towns in Norfolk were quiet and serene, it turns out - you are right!

Of course, when Ben & Nick tried to record a podcast live from backstage at the Pavilion Theatre on Cromer Pier, things turn from awful to worse, and then a bit better, and then much worse. Then we started the recording.


s3-02 - Salt of the Earth

October 2, 2011

Ben & Nick ask you to give them a lick, to share in their salty goodness.

If you have ever loved Rusty Lee or Mr Motivator; or hate Adam Jenkins; this is the podcast for you...


s3-01 - History repeating

September 19, 2011

You begged, you screamed, you wailed and gnashed your teeth - but we still started a new series!

And if you don't like that joke, there's a whole host of hilarious ramblings this episode that you may not approve of either. (but if you don't like us, maybe new regular guest Adam Jenkins will make you happy)


s2-12 - Father than we have ever gone before.

June 19, 2011

A dark dark day dawns on Earthville, as Season Two of WGNI draws to a close.

We've run out of people that aren't related to us, so Ben's dad pops into the WGNI studio for a drop of tea and some light dirty-talk.

WGNI will be back. Oh yes....